Tropical Fruit Stand on the Beach in Hawaii


Original Watercolor Painting size: 17" x 30" (Unframed)

On Arches French Watercolor Cotton Rag PH Balanced Paper, with Windsor Newton Permanent Watercolor Paint

On a recent vacation in Hawaii I saw a place similar to this and I couldn't get it out of my mind because it was so idyllic!
There was the smell of the ocean breeze mixed with pineapples, the warm sun, the sound of the waves crashing and
colorful surfboards just waiting to be ridden in the water! There's nothing more refreshing than the smoothies and shaved
ice drinks those little stands make from fruit picked the day before no less. This painting is a reminder to take time out
and have fun, to eat healthy and exercise. The children and the chickens represent the innocence of this, very sweet life.

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