• Our New Home in Asheville, North Carolina!

    I hope that I have many lifetimes, but just in case I don't, I want to try doing something different in this one!
  • Finding Inspiration With Jack

    When I feel the wheels of my life grinding painfully, it means I need to do something to feed myself emotionally. Being a workaholic isn’t functional for me as an artist.
  • My Life as an Artist

    I was able to secure a job from my cousins who owned a beautiful hotel in Laguna. I was a maid there for two months and thought I was doing fine when my cousin called me into his office and fired me for being too slow! Gripping the steering wheel of my little VW Bug, I drove home in tears wondering how I would be able to make it in life if I couldn’t even keep a job as a maid at my cousin’s hotel! A funny thing happened even before I reached home though. I became filled with indignation over being fired at such a menial job and felt a surge of conviction that I would never work for someone else, but rather work as an artist and govern my own career!
  • How I Came to Etsy

    This is a post about how I came to join the computer age with marketing my artwork.