Not every artist I know markets their work online, but I make a living from selling my artwork and changing with the times is not an option for me, its critical. I want to be creating and selling my artwork until the day I die because it is SO dang fun....and meaningful to me!! 

Over the years I've seen older artists try to get by with outdated frames, overdone subjects and little or no marketing. It was a warning to me. When no one in my family was interested in learning computer skills, I made the determination to go to the local adult education department and try to learn what computers were all about. It felt great to stop being scared of the computer age and instead, dive in!

Fast forward to now. I've connected with a licensing agent and license my work worldwide, I'm on multiple websites where I sell my artwork (Etsy is my favorite), I use mail chimp to advertise to my clients, I write blogs, connect to people all around the world on Facebook and Linked In and even when galleries are struggling, I can still make a living in art because of all this. 

But its not all about selling art either. I'm also more in touch with society and societies needs. I'll be the first to admit that the ideas I get for my artwork are not just about me personally, its also about what I sense that the world needs. I'm not talking about selling out to popular demand, but its about having a sensitivity to people and a sense of nurturing.

I take time to nourish myself too. I know when I've spent too many hours in the studio or on the computer and I need to get out in the sun and walk barefoot on the beach, or meet with friends and listen to good music etc. I know that living a full and balanced life is what helps me to create genuinely inspired art. Just like how good milk comes from contented cows, the artist who wants to paint good feeling art the way I do, must feel good themself!