Dogs Allowed


"Dog's Allowed"

10" x 10" Fine Art Print of a Watercolor Painting

Signed by the Artist

Carmel is one of the most splendid places on earth! Its like a mountain town with all its cozy trees and the smell of burning fireplaces on chilly nights. But its a beach town as well with is amazing stretches of white sand and lovely waves. Doris Day was part of a commission that made it possible to allow dogs to run free on the beach. The sense of joy is palpable when you walk on the beach in the evenings and the dogs are all racing around and playing with each other. It seems as if the owners are all considerate too in picking up after their dogs and making sure they behave appropriately. If only the whole world could be so nice as they are in Carmel. This little guy sitting on the beach is clearly happy in Carmel.

(This Fine Art Print is also offered as a Limited Edition Giclee which is Museum Quality and collectable and can be larger in size. Contact me for information on this)

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